AquaLure™️ - LED Fishing Light

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Catch More Fish This Season With AquaLure™️

 Finally, An easier way to catch more fish with half the effort. Introducing the AquaLure™️- the last fishing light you'll ever need.

Comes with an LED that's energy conservative and changes various colors. Attracting all types of fish towards your boat for a huge catch.

Easy to install in just minutes. Just simply hook it up to your power outlet on your boat and let it work its magic. Super beginner friendly without any complicated steps.

Corrosion proof so that you never have to worry about any damage over the years. Surviving even the harshest of saltwater lakes year after year with no problem.

With AquaLure™️ you get brighter, easy and simple and best of all... More fish for you to collect on your next trip. Get yours today so you can catch more fish.


✅ Catch More Fish - Various lights that draw in and attracts fish to it without the constant casting of your time. Bringing more fish to you in half of the time.

✅ Easy To Install - Simply hook it up to the outlet on your boat and you're good to go. Making it super easy for any beginner to install without any complicated instructions.

✅ Durable - Corrosion/impact and conserves energy. Making it reliable to use even in the harshest of saltwater while conserving energy at the same time.


  • Fishing light size: 3-inch length x 1.2-inch diameter Cable length: 16.4 ft

  • Light angle: 360 degrees full angle

  • LED: 2835 LED with high brightness

  • Work voltage: 12V DC Power: 15W

  • Product weight: 7.4oz

  • Waterproof rate: IP68 waterproof Efficient Performance: attracts fish prawns squid krill phytoplankton

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