Instant Vegetable & Meat Roller

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Make Delicious Restaurant-Quality Dishes at Home without the Hard Work.  With its simple, one-motion operation the Instant Food Rolling Machine makes it easy to prepare delicious food rolls right in the comfort of your own kitchen.

With only few steps you can make sushi, and all kinds of roll like foods as: dolmades, yaprak, vegetable rolls, spring rolls, and more with ease. Just lay the leaf or cover down, spoon your filling on and move the slider forward. Yes, it is really that easy! 

This valuable time-saver will allow you to make large volumes of tasty appetizers, perfect for any party. With the Instant Food Rolling Machine you can make an endless variety of delicious delights.

    Look How Simple:

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    Enjoy fresh and homemade rolls, not the stuff from a can! 

    • Save Time Prepping!

    • Save Money Eating Home-Made Fresh Food!

    • Prepare Hundreds of Rolls in a Breeze!