Pup Pad™️ - Premium Doggy Pee Pad

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No More Messes In The House With The Pup Pad - The Pad that Keeps Your Carpets Clean And Your Puppies Out Of Trouble

Are you still using regular disposable pee pads? Let's face it, they leak everywhere, smell bad after one day, constantly need changing AND at the same time they HARM the environment and cost you a lot of money just because they are a one-time use. Wouldn't it be a real LIFESAVER to have a pad which is: 

✅Leak-proof & Anti-Odor
✅Durable & Non-Slip
✅Saves you money
✅Lasts for a years 
✅100% Environmentally friendly?

That's why we created our ZeroLeak™ Premium Reusable Dog Pee Pad - the LAST dog pee pad you will ever buy!

MULTI-USE - Great for house-breaking and training puppies, protecting crates and carriers during transport, whelping, incontinence, sick/diabetic dogs, protecting furniture and rugs from pet fur and dirt, lining kennels and playpens, placing under food bowls and litter boxes and for travel with your puppy! SAVES MONEY AND REDUCES WASTE VS DISPOSABLES - Not only more environmentally friendly than disposable pads, but also saving you $1,000’s compared to disposable puppy pee pads via our one time cost and countless washing durability. Plus, no more dealing with the mess of disposables throughout the day 

✅FOUR INNOVATIVE LAYERS – This reusable pee pad features a breathable, quilted top layer for comfort, super absorbent core that traps moisture, PVC waterproof bedding shield, and non-slip safety coating. 

✅WASHABLE & REUSABLE – Machine wash safe and extra durable, cleaning this washable pee pad is simple, fast, and effective. More importantly, with regular maintenance, it won't retain any odor or stains.

✅BEST ABSORPTION AND ODOR CONTROL  Absorbs and retains pee and odors better than any other dog pads for extended indoor stays, and prevents tracking to protect your floors and rugs and keep them dry. WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS ARE SAYING:  Click on “ADD TO CART” to get yours before the sale ends tonight!

 Package Includes:

  • 1 x Premium Doggy Pee Pad (70 cm x 80 cm)